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Success Stories From Our Users 😊

Dr Bimal Mehta (Dental Surgeon, Ex-President Mumbai IDA) had tried several software but wasn't happy as the staff was always struggling. When they moved to Bestosys, we ensured that the staff became comfortable and also showed them the time-saving features. Ever since then, they are spending time on more productive things, and the staff is just loving it.

Dr Niket Mehrotra (Dental Surgeon, DBM Coach, Kashipur, India).
Dr Mehrotra regularly conducts training programs on dental practice managements and keeps looking for innovations. When he saw the patient engagement features in Bestosys, he went for it immediately. Within a few months, he got solid outcome due to a unique growth feature of bestosys.

Mr Adnan Gilani (Owner, Kings Medical Center, Dubai) runs dental and dermat clinic and wanted a robust software solution for his rapidly growing practice. He wanted a solution that can handle high volume of patients & appointments, treatment records, billing, receivables etc., After trying a few solutions, he moved to Bestosys and has been happy ever after! When he started another clinic in Dubai, the software choice was natural!

Dr Pranav Agale, India
Dr Pranav is dentist by qualification and dental practice management/marketing consultant by profession. Dr Pranav runs innovative programs like Pracumen, BluePrint for dental practices who want to grow and has helped hundreds of practices across India grow. As the role of software becomes increasingly important in practice management, Dr Pranav offers several guidelines for choosing the right software.

Dr Varun Acharya (Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Speaker and Trainer, Chennai, India).
Acharya Dental was started by Dr. Vijayalakshmi Acharya and is one of the top dental practices in India. Dr Varun wanted a robust software to manage patient registrations and appointments in their large practice. Specifically, he wanted Acharya branding in all notifications to patients.

Integration To Social Media Platforms!


A handy tool that lets you multi-task. Enter a variety of transactions quickly without leaving the page you are on. A unique feature to save time.

Bulk Appointments

Create tens of appointments in one stroke - be it for a specialist's visit (Orthodontist, pedodontist) or be it for a pre-defined set of visits for a treatment.

Auto Everything

Bestosys minimizes your data entry effort with auto-prescriptions, prescription templates, treatment note templates, and pre-loaded masters for treatments, treatment categories, prescriptions, inventory, accounts. You can even enter visit notes by just talking!