Unlock The Value Of Practice Data

Know Who Are Real Heroes
Of Your Practice…


Bestosys shows you who have been referring patients to your practice. You can see list of top referring persons and number of referrals in just a glance. This helps you to recognise the real heroes of your practice so you can treat them with special attention. You may consider waiving off consultation fee for patients referred by them!.

Just Follow Them Up..

Dental practices are full of patients who booked appointment, consulted, even got a treatment plan but never turned up after that. Wouldn’t it be of great value if you could systematically track such patients and get them to come back?
Bestosys shows data of who might be going away from your practice at various stages. You can use these insights and take the required action immediately to retain your patients.


Give That Special Attention…


In every practice there are patients who would need more frequent care. This may be because of their habits like smoking, tobacco chewing or bruxism. You can call such patients more frequently for timely dental care. This not only makes them feel cared but also lets you take care of their dental issues proactively. 

With Bestosys, you can re-target your patients based on several criteria such as habits, treatments done in past, gender, age etc. So, if you have a new offering for dentures, you can lookup patients by age.

Understand Who & What
Is Performing For You…

Bestosys shows you multiple aspects of your practice in a very simple manner where you can track if your practice revenue is going up or down. You can see the revenue growth from different angles such as revenue by each doctor, revenue by treatment category such as endo, implants, orthodontics etc. This helps you understand where you need to focus or what you need to fix and plan accordingly. 


Sometimes Catch Up
For No Reason..

no reason

All these years, you have been using software to send appointment, recall, and birthday SMS. For a more personal touch, send festival greetings, women’s day greetings, children’s day greetings, or a warm ‘best wishes’ greetings when there’s no festival or occasion! With Bestosys, you can select recipients by age, gender, group etc., plus you can personalise the messages for that personal touch. These small gestures nurture bonding with your patients and add a great value to your practice. Bestosys has a list of some beautiful greeting messages making your task even easier.