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Systematic Practice Growth – How software can make a BIG difference!

Don’t Like Reading? Listen To The Podcast Like to implement these ideas? Yes! I Want to Try    Most doctors use software for patient records and SMS. Have you ever thought how a software can help your practice grow, systematically and consistently? A software can position your practice as one of the thousand options for […]

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Online v/s offline software – the eternal debate

In good old days, most people lived in houses which were independent units. Each house had its own water storage, drainage, plumbing etc., Nowadays, most people (at least in cities) live in housing societies which consist of several flats. Since several families live in a housing society, they all share a lot of infrastructure and […]

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How to spread word-of-mouth about your practice?

In past, it was believed that word-of-mouth & Public Relations play crucial role in building a successful dental practice. That basic principle remains the same even today; all it needs is a fresh approach. In this technology-driven era, use of smart phones has gone up significantly and people have literally shifted themselves to online world […]

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