Pay Per Use Plan

Revolutionary offering from Bestosys
First time in India

Until now, Bestosys has been available either at one-time price or yearly charges or a combination of both. This requires payment of a lump-sum amount to begin using software. And the practitioner has to invest in a laptop and broadband too. For a practice in early stage, these expenses may not be feasible.

That’s where BestoSys “Pay Per Use” plan comes in. It lets you manage the practice from a smartphone itself, and without any lump-sum payment. It works like a mobile-prepaid plan, where you  recharge your account and the charges are applied on usage basis.

Pay Per Use Plan

1. Add patients & their profile information, medical history, medications etc.,

2. Schedule appointments, send SMS confirmations and reminders

3. Enter treatments, charges, prescriptions, payments

4. Upload x-rays and photos

5. Send out personalized Greetings to patients

6. Send Social Media invites to patients

7. See collection reports

8. Enter expenses and see reports

9. You also get optional add-ons like own SMS sender ID and facebook integration

10. You pay for usage of each feature as per a schedule of charges. Most of these features work even when internet connectivity is not available.

Just recharge your account with Rs.1000/- and get started. When your practice grows you can upgrade to regular plan and get access to the full power of bestosys on laptop

Pay per use charges as follows:

# Charges
  Patients  Free 
  Appointments  0.27 /-
  Photo upload  1.53 /-
  Payments  0.81 /-
  Receipts  0.81 /-
  Tasks  0.27 /-
 Treatments  0.81 /-
 Prescription  0.81 /-
 SMS  0.36 /-

For pay per use plan import of existing data is also chargeable at above rate.