Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on practice management software? I need just calendar and SMS.

Our Silver plan gives you the best calendar in industry, patient EMR, photos/x-rays, over 25 kinds of SMS, Indian languages in prescription instructions & ad-hoc SMS, integration with facebook, and lot more!!

When my patients search me or my clinic on Google, they should find me on first page. How?

Just make your clinic’s page on Facebook. It’s free and you can showcase your practice beautifully. Google will show it on first page, without showing your competitors from same area!

Will my patients be contacted directly by BestoSys?

No. Bestosys never contacts your patients. They are YOUR customers and we only help you to keep them yours. Every SMS/email sent to your patients will be by you and will be visible to you.

I need software for inventory & financial accounting . Which software should I buy that can work with BestoSys?

No need to buy anything. Our Platinum plan has complete inventory management, purchases, vendor payments, full financial accounting and lot more. Since it’s all integrated, you enter data just once.

I have many visiting consultants who update their work in BestoSys case sheets. Will they see my financials?

No. They will see only case sheets they are working on, and that too just the clinical information…no financials at all. They will not even see what you charged the patient!

We pay our consultants per treatment. How to keep track of these properly and with confidentiality?

“Doctor Remuneration” feature of BestoSys lets you do that. In fact, you can specify different amounts/percentages per treatment to different consultants.

I have corporate tie ups where the company pays for employees' treatments. How do we bill the company?

BestoSys lets you bill to company. In fact, if an employee gets additional treatments done which are not paid by company, you can bill those to employee.

Many patients ask for discounts and we have fixed discount for them. Can this be taken care while billing?

Yes. You can specify a discount rate for a group of patients which is automatically applied. Further, you may choose not to give the discount if a consultant is doing the treatment.