Realize the Depth and Breadth of Your Potential.

Features that let you focus on growth, growth, and growth.

Set Higher Goals. Achieve Them. Repeat.

Tools that propel you on an upward spiral of growth.

Features that let you focus on
Growth, Growth & Growth!

Go Paperless, Go Bestosys!

Digital Practice

Everyone talks about going paperless. Bestosys has helped scores of doctors actually do it. Our complete & integrated solution makes it a breeze.

Smart Calendar

Visual intelligence for you. Reading text is optional. A treasure of appointment/patient information. The most enabling calendar in the industry. Use it to believe it.


Demographics, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Habits, Clinical Notes, x-rays/photos, Treatments/Plans, Prescriptions, Billing, SMS/Emails...all on ONE clean page that smartly serves information as you need it.

Something Special For Specialties!

Appointment Series

Paediatric practices need vaccination schedule. Gynaecology practices need visit schedules for the pregnancy duration. Dermatology treatments often need multiple visits. All such needs can be readily met by this feature.


Record your patients' current conditions and treatment plans without typing a word. The visual power of BestoSys charting to communicate a mouthful of conditions & treatments will leave you speechless.

Orthodontic Module

Features Facial Examination, Model Analysis, Cephalometric & Radiographic Analysis, Problem List, Expectations. Goals, Limitations, Consent Form, Treatment Plans, Appointment Scheduling, Treatment Sittings & Reviews, Images with standard labelling, 3D Image Support.

Lab Work management

Track all your lab works end-to-end, from treatment start to lab billing. Neatly tied with alerts as needed. No more slippages and delays caused due to communication gaps.

Time Is Money!


A handy tool that lets you multi-task. Enter a variety of transactions quickly without leaving the page you are on. A unique feature to save time.

Bulk Appointments

Create tens of appointments in one stroke - be it for a specialist's visit (Orthodontist, pedodontist) or be it for a pre-defined set of visits for a treatment.

Auto Everything

Bestosys minimizes your data entry effort with auto-prescriptions, prescription templates, treatment note templates, and pre-loaded masters for treatments, treatment categories, prescriptions, inventory, accounts. You can even enter visit notes by just talking!

One Integrated World