6 ways your software can put you at medico/legal risk!


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This topic may surprise you because you expect a good software to protect you from medico/legal risk and here I am talking about at least six ways your software can actually cause that risk to you. So please read/listen carefully. And don’t forget to check your software for each of these six items. Okay!

One – The first way your software can put you to risk is by letting you create duplicate case sheets. Duplicate case sheets means the medical records of one patient are spread in multiple case sheets. Imagine one of these case sheets has record of diabetes and other medical history. And you refer other one which doesn’t have this information! You see the risk? And if you are thinking your data doesn’t have duplicates, just send your patient list to us and we’ll send you the duplicates – it could be anywhere from 5% to 40% of your case sheets!

Two – When you register a patient, most software let you record the current medical conditions, allergies, and any medications they are taking. But then, these things change over a period of time. People develop new conditions, old ones are gone, the medications may have changed. Most software let you update this info, correct? But, here’s the problem – with the update, previous information is lost, meaning the history of medical conditions is lost. This has not only medico-legal but also medical implications.

Three – With most software, you can record medical history, allergies etc on the patient profile page. You do that first time and then you are back to the main case sheet where you work on the treatment data. The problem is – on a busy day, you may forget to refer the patient profile for every single patient and miss out medical history, medications, allergies, habits etc., Ideally, software should bring it up to you so you don’t miss it.
Four – Did you ever think what would you do if the patient just goes unconscious on the chair or a medical emergency arises? Whom would you contact? Usually you have the patient’s mobile number but that’s of no use in this situation. Does your software let you record patient’s GP or family doctor information? If not, you are in trouble.

Five – If not the GP information, does your software at least let you record emergency contact information so that you can quickly call them. If not, again you are in trouble.

Last but not the least – Patient Consent – Many software offer the fancy feature of taking patient signature electronically, on a tab, where the patient signs on a touch screen using his/her finger. Now, before you get carried away by the ‘high-tech’ feel of it, please check with a legal expert if such signatures are acceptable in the Indian courts. Ask for cases where it has been accepted. Just so you know, practices in US, Europe, Australia take patient signatures on paper. And that’s the safe approach in my opinion too. Let the consent be on paper. Everything else can go digital!

Coming to bestosys, all of these things are taken care properly. If you have any other medico/legal concern which the software can help you with, request you to share with us right away. We are constantly working on ways in which the software can protect you and can help you grow your practice. Such inputs have made bestosys the most legally compliant and the most growth-focused software in India. To check it out, please sign up for a free trial. Thank you.