Systematic Practice Growth – How software can make a BIG difference!

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Most doctors use software for patient records and SMS. Have you ever thought how a software can help your practice grow, systematically and consistently?

A software can position your practice as one of the thousand options for patients, the way a supermarket offers thousand options. Or it can position your practice as an exclusive showroom which offers one brand. Both these cases assume use of online software. If you are using offline software, then it’s not doing any positioning for you. It is simply serving as a Godown, to store & retrieve your practice data!


Supermarkets put all toothpaste brands on same shelf, so a customer can compare and decide. Similarly, an Online Platform lists hundreds & thousands of doctors, so a patient can compare and decide, on the basis of services offered, ratings, reviews & fees. Further, to make the patients keep coming to it, a platform builds its own brand by sending messages to Your patients by its own name & cultivates patient loyalty towards itself and not your practice. Its message to the patient is – “If you have any medical need, come to us. We have thousands of doctors to choose from.”

As platforms became widely used in last few years, doctors find themselves facing a new set of realities such as patients rating them on “performance” and directly comparing with other doctors. Even when the doctor pays the annual subscription for the software; they have to pay further in order to be on the first position on such listing platforms. It ultimately lands the doctors to compete among themselves where some win for some time and most others lose!


An Online Software that helps you to showcase and offer your services without creating direct competition with other doctors positions your practice as Showroom. It does not provide a listing platform where your patients are prompted to other doctors practicing in your location. So, it moves away the patient’s attention from pricing & comparison. It builds YOUR branding and cultivates YOUR patient loyalty.

Software that positions your practice as a Showroom can help you grow because

a. It highlights inactive patients and helps you to activate them
b. It highlights patients who need frequent care, so you can provide that care
c. It helps you retain your patients for long-term with a systematic relationship management
d. It helps you attract new patients from reference of happy patients using Social Media. Patients coming from reference come with certain trust and are easier to convert on basis of value rather than price-comparison

In short, it encourages the doctor to provide best possible care to patients because it ties the practice growth to well-being and happiness of patients. Thus, it’s a win-win for doctors and patients.

To conclude, supermarkets create competition whereas showrooms help you rise above the competition, on your own feet. Now it’s up to you, how you wish to grow!

If you decide to opt for a showroom positioning for your practice, then you can think about Bestosys. Bestosys Practice Growth Software has pioneered the concept of Exclusive Showroom positioning for doctors in India. You can see a sample of growth in your own practice within a week in most cases.