6 tips to boost Doctors Productivity Score

To boost Doctors productivity, practice management software or electronic health records play an important role. But many doctors complain that electronic health records (EHRs) drain their time, rather than create efficiencies. In fact, Deloitte’s 2016 Survey of U.S. Physicians found that seven out of 10 physicians think that EHRs reduce their productivity.

So here we are sharing 6 tips which can boost Doctors productivity using practice management software or electronic health record.

1.Speak More, Type less

Physicians say typing information into EHRs takes too much time and draws attention away from patients. Realizing this need we at bestosys has launched a feature of Speech to text conversion where doctors can speak more and that will be converted to text. Thus increasing the Doctors productivity score.

2.Map the workflow:

It’s often hard to identify tasks that could be performed capably by another employee or done in a more efficient manner because activities just become part of the everyday workflow with no real rhyme or reason. This is why a workflow analysis is a crucial step to improving efficiencies and productivity.

The key areas in workflow mapping include:

* the patient visit (from check-in to check-out),
* the billing cycle (from patient check-out, through the reimbursement process, to payment posting), and
* the clinical event

Each of these process areas can be broken down into more distinct processes and every employee who touches that process must be identified and involved. If Doctors map the workflow perfectly, they can easily improve the productivity configuring those workflows with practice management software like bestosys.


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