Discover the world of BestoSys smarties.
Designed to boost your Practice and Patient-relationship.

BestoSys on desktop,laptop,tablet and mobile

Here's a brief list of features, just to get your attention

  1. Private Practice + Corp/Hospital Patients Track your private practice patients seamlessly with patients of a corporate client or multiple hospitals. Option to bill those patients to corp/hospital.
  2. Documents / X-Rays /Images Upload Documents, X-Rays/images related to a clinical note or treatment. Add your notes. Upload documents, organize them in custom folders...
  3. Smart Calendar Visual intelligence for you. Reading text is optional. A treasure of appointment/patient information. See it to believe it. See it again, to relish it!
  4. Restorative & Perio Charting (Dentists) Record your patients' current conditions and treatment plans without typing a word. The visual power of BestoSys charting to communicate a mouthful of conditions & treatments will leave you speechless, literally. Perio - Record and view the Perio health chart. Designed to give you the whole picture in one glance. Compare charts between dates and let the colors do the talking.
  5. Lab Work management (Dentists) Track all your lab works end-to-end. Neatly tied with alerts as needed. No more slippages and delays caused due to communication gaps.
  6. 360-degree view of Patient Profile, Medical History, Medications, Habits, Appointments, Clinical Notes, Treatment Plans, Treatments Done, Prescriptions, Unbilled treatments, Receivables, Ledger, SMS/Emails...all on ONE clean page that smartly serves information as you need it. Quick Notes Capture non-clinical insights about the patient. Then see it exactly at right places.
  7. Alerts Dashboard One place that brings up everything that needs your attention - overdue tasks, appointment no-shows, lab delays, inventory items that need replenishment...
  8. Multi-sitting treatments Several treatments happen in multiple sittings and BestoSys lets you enter notes for each sitting, with date. When you open a case sheet, it shows you all notes for a treatment in one place and you can continue to add.
  9. Multiple Rate cards Make a standard rate card for treatments. Then add special rate cards for different groups of patients. For each patient, the applicable rates show up automatically.

  • BestoSys is made from scratch to work seamlessly on tablets/mobile
  • Entire functionality works beautifully on a tablet
  • + Upload selected Contacts from mobile to patients list
  • + Upload selected Calls from mobile to patient communications
  • + Upload photo from mobile to patient profile
  • + more...

  • Appointment confirmations upon booking
  • Appointment reminders in morning or previous night or whenever each Patient prefers. No more one stick for all!
  • Appointment final reminder, when the patient should start for clinic
  • Thanking SMS to referrer upon referring a new patient
  • Pre-treatment instructions as required for specific treatments
  • Post-treatment instructions as required for specific treatments
  • Recalls as applicable for specific treatments
  • Follow up reminders for Lab tasks
  • Alerts before stock of important inventory items gets exhausted
  • Entire SMS functionality is fully Compliant with NCPR Guidelines. Again, make the patient feel like a king with the SMS Opt-out option.
  • more...

You decide who sees what

  • Limit consultants' privileges to see only their appointments
  • Limit Staff's access to financial data
  • Allow Staff to enter clinical data on behalf of a doctor. You'll always see who actually entered the data
  • more...

Quickly accomplish routine tasks without leaving the page you are on

  • Receive & make payments
  • Receive & Give Lab tasks
  • Enter accounting & inventory transactions
  • Enter contacts information
  • more...

  • Chief Complaints
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Categories
  • Treatments
  • Prescriptions
  • Inventory Items
  • Accounts
Of course, you can add to these as you like

  • Bill when you like, at start/during/end of treatment or even later
  • Receive payments as convenient to you and patient, regardless of billing
  • No constraint of mapping each payment to a bill
  • Give discounts to patient at any stage - when making treatment plans, finalizing treatment plans, entering treatments done, billing, or even when receiving payment!

  • Login with your mobile number or email ID, using same password
  • Pre-written notes for several treatments. You may choose to use these as it is, or adapt to your own style, or add your own. A handy effort-saver.
  • FDI & Universal teeth numbering systems are simultaneously supported. Enter teeth number in FDI system and view in Universal system if you wish. So, when needed, you can effortlessly share your patient data with a colleague who uses different system.
  • many more...